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Dominus Litis – What is?

June 15, 2021

The plaintiff is dominus litis, that is, master of or having dominion over the case. He is the person who has carriage and control of an action, Dhannalal v. Kalawatibai(2002) 6 SCC 16: AIR 2002 SC 2572. 2. The controller of a suit or litigation; also an advocate who, after the death of his client, prosecuted a suit to sentence for the executor’s use.


This word, prefixed to a man’s name, in ancient times, usually denoted him a knight or a clergyman, a gentleman or a lord of the manor.

Dominus Navis:- The absolute owner of a ship


Dominus non maritabit pupillum nisi semel:- A lord cannot give a ward in marriage but once. [Co. Litt. 9]

Dominus rex nullum habere po­test parem, multo minus superlorem:- The king cannot have an equal, much leas a su­perior. [1 Reeve, Hist. Eng. Law, 115]


The doctrine of dominus litus See. Dharampal Premchand Ltd. v. Commissioner …, 2011 SCC OnLine Del 3412

Doctrine of Dominus litus – Applicability .. See. Bank of Rajasthan Ltd., Bangalore v. Tra …, (1999) 1 ICC 60 (Mad) (DB)

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