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 The object of is to bring the best Legal Services to the Advocates more in particularly to the legal practitioners at Subordinate Courts and to the students of law who need to acquire legal knowledge on different facets of legal issues and to understand the Indian Law from the common man perspective. Subject to privacy policy of this website, the suggests practical, clear and genuine recommendations for the advocates, the law firms and the litigant public who support Indian legal system on their way to build a responsible legal jurisdiction.

   Subject to the terms of service and privacy policy of, those who need Legal Advice for their cases have to contact us through email or using the above login box to submit your post/legal issues/case. Our email is:-

   We provide legal advice as to the following categories of Civil and Criminal Cases subject to  terms and conditions of the as applicable to the facts of the case. 

Categories of Cases for Legal Advice :

Civil Cases:-

1. Money and Mortgage suits) 2. Permanent Injunction Suits 3. Declaratory  Suits 4. Damages Suits 5. Defamation Suits 6. Divorce Cases  7. Insolvency Petitions 8. Execution Petitions (E.Ps)  9. Legal notices  10. Others (as requested by you)  

Criminal Cases:- 

1. Private Complaints relating all nature of offences arising out of Indian Law such as cases relating to Indian Penal Code,1860, and Criminal Minor Acts. 2. DVC Cases 3. Others

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