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Oral Gift :The Mohammedan law

August 10, 2021

By Y.SRINIVASA RAO, Civil Judge (Senior Division)., Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Under the Mohammedan law, no doubt, making oral gift is permissible. The conditions for making valid oral gift under the Mohammedan law are:- (i) there should be wish or intention on the part of the donor to gift; (ii) acceptance by the donee; and (iii) taking possession of the subject matter of the gift by the donee. The essentials of a valid and complete gift under Mohammedan law have been succinctly laid down in Abdul Rahim and Others vs. Dk. Abdul Zafar and Others, (2009) 6 SCC 160 as under:-

“13. The conditions to make a valid and complete gift under the Mohammadan law are as under:

(a) The donor should be sane and major and must be the owner of the property which he is gifting.

(b) The thing gifted should be in existence at the time of hiba.

(c) If the thing gifted is divisible, it should be separated and made distinct.

(d) The thing gifted should be such property to benefit from which is lawful under the Shariat.

(e) The thing gifted should not be accompanied by things not gifted i.e. should be free from things which have not been gifted.

(f) The thing gifted should come in the possession of the donee himself, or of his representative, guardian or executor.

It is also well settled that if by reason of a valid gift the thing gifted has gone out of the donee’s ownership, the same cannot be revoked. The donor may lawfully make a gift of a property in the possession of a lessee or a mortgagee. For effecting a valid gift, the delivery of constructive possession of the property to the donee would serve the purpose. Even a gift of a property in possession of trespasser is permissible in law provided the donor either obtains and gives possession of the property to the donee or does all that he can to put it within the power of the donee to obtain possession. See also. Ruling of Supreme Court of India in Jamila Begum (D) Thr. Lrs. vs Shami Mohd. Judgment dated on 14 December, 2018.

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